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Steve, you're amazing... I honestly can't begin to thank you enough for what you have made happen for me today. If ever I know anyone needing a solicitor I will be sure to give them your name and contact details. If it wasn't for your professionalism, determination and the respect you absolutely have in the court room (which I witnessed today) I know the outcome would not of been what it was. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.





I have known Stephen for more than ten years, and we have become close friends.

He is an exceptional solicitor, as I have seen demonstrated in a great number of matters I have referred to him over the years, and in his considerable help and advice to me on legislation, during my time in the NSW Parliament.

Stephen has the advantage of having been a Police Prosecutor, and so he knows both sides of the situation when he is defending a matter in court.    He also has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Firearms Act; and, more than that, an understanding of it, and of its intentions and its effects.

He is interested in the way these draconian laws impact on law aiding firearm owners – often in ways unintended in the original legislation; and he has successfully defended a great number of LAFOs who have been wrongly or mistakenly charged with offences under the Act.

His success rate in taking appeals to the Administrative Decisions Tribunal (Now known as NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal) is seldom matched, and he  has saved a lot of licences which were wrongly under threat.

Stephen undertook the defence of Robin and Austin Bourke who own the Bastille gun shop in  Dubbo, and who had been quite wrongly charged with serious offences under the Act, and had had their business closed by police for several months.    When the matter came to Court, his defence of them was such that the case against them failed, and was effectively thrown out of court.

If I am ever in that sort of trouble, I just want him on my side.

John Tingle


Dear Stephen, Your letter was perfect timing as we had a committee meeting last night and I was able to present your letter.

Thanks for working so closely with the club throughout the entire process. We had a match on Wednesday and the range operated flawlessly.

Your attention and dedication to our range situation and eventual outcome was much appreciated by the committee and club.

Once again, thanks for all your help Stephen.

Kind regards,



When an accident occurred and I found myself in trouble, I called Stephen from a recommendation of a close friend.  He met me straight away and thoroughly explained my options and how the process was to unfold.   His expertise and in depth knowledge of the legal system and current laws helped my case swing in my favour. He always gave me a straight and honest answer which is what I needed to keep my mind from wandering and thinking the worst.

If I had not contacted Stephen I could not fathom the situation I would be in now.  Thanks for everything you have done Stephen, and thank you for your hard work and dedication, you really went above and beyond.


Adam Connolly

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